History Active since 1957

Malmor Company Ltd. continues traditions of the state company established in 1957 – the main executor of anticorrosive surface protection service and insulating works on ships constructed and repaired in polish shipyards.

We continue good tradition practiced over years

Our service has been exploited for over 50 years by shipyards and ship-repair yards - inland and abroad, food and agribusiness (milk factories, meat factories, fruit and vegetables processing factories, breweries, refrigerating warehouses), energy plants and building industry.


Since the company privatisation in 1989, we continue good, long-lasting traditions but prepare and adjust our services to changing market as well. Between 1989 - 1997 we operated mainly as executor of blast cleaning, painting and insulation works in Polish yards in the range of North Poland (Gdańsk – Gdynia), having service branches in each yard separately. We employed up to 150-200 people.

We open for new scope of survey

We open for new scope of survey

The worsening condition of Polish shipyard industry in 1992-1996, mainly insolvency of many companies, did influence badly the condition of our company. We decided to introduce and perform several system and financial changes and make our company independent from ship-repair industry, our so far main traditional co-operant and customer.


We consiquently expand the scope of services in our basic production plant at Gdańsk. Since 2006 we have been continuing investing and rebuilding the plant infrastructure. We can now be proud of modern blasting chamber and painting chambers, where complex and high quality coating systems can be provided.

Malmor today

Malmor today

In our production plant in Gdańsk at Śnieżna 1 Street we perform cleaning and painting services for such companies as: Palfinger, H.Cegielski Poznań SA, FAMA Gniew Sp. z o.o., PESA Bydgoszcz S.A., Euroweld, Mostostal Pomorze SA, Intertech Sp. z o.o., Rockfin, Prowal Słupsk, Wetcab Sp. z o.o. and many others.


Most of the coating survices at Malmor are done with reference to NORSOK Standard. We often perform coating under supervision of external 3-rd party inspectors. Our internal quality control is performed by our employees who have completed training in acc. with the provisions of SOLACE convention, regulation II-1/3-2 and XII/6 and coating inspector level 2 NACE standard / FROSIO coating inspector level III. Painting staff at Malmor have been trained in acc. to NORSOK M-501 Standard with adequate certificates.

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"Malmor" Spółka z o.o.

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